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We combine creativity with technology through our services: Digital Lab, Contact Center and Delivery.

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Digital LAb


We combine creativity with technology.

For this reason, we have design innovative strategies that combined with our experience can help you  create brand awareness and digital transformation.

360° communication strategy development

Brand positioning

Optimization of digital interaction and communication channels

Lead generation

Data analytics and reporting



We centralize all the systems your business uses.

We work alongside the specific needs and manage the interactions between all the touchpoints with your clients.

Orders and deliveries coordination

Complaints and Claims Management

Outbound marketing campaigns

Logistics and assistance services

Recovery of Portfolio and accounts receivable


Logistics center with the purpose of receiving and delivering a wide range of products, coordinating from the collection to the delivery of the product with the final customer.

We optimize your logistics process, through technological tools that guarantee efficiency, scalability and low prices.

Delivery order logistics

BTL activation for brand positioning

Messenger service

Service orders georeferenced

optimization platform

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Information Technolgy Outsourcing


Business process outsourcing (BPO)

About us

We are a regional and avant-garde company. Specialized in Technology, Innovation and Consulting services in vital business areas, such as: finance, human resources, logistics, marketing and sales.

We have operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua; serving clients in Latin America.

We are backed by a solid track record as a strategic partner of leading companies in the region. We support the business growth of our strategic partners with solutions for their business, through a broad portfolio of services that covers everything from strategy to operations, with a specialized team in each area to guarantee quality.


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